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How long does party last?
* party usually last 1-3 hours depending on package and amount of divas

How many girls does party include?
* 7 divas

Do you bring all equipment?
* yes we bring pedicure chairs, make up chair, manicure table, and pink carpet

How long in advance do I have to book my party?
* typically two week in advance but just contact us and we may be able to accommodate you at a sooner time

Do I have to pay in full to book a party?
* no we require a 30% deposit to book and the rest of the payment is due one week prior to party

Do I have to have 7 girls?
* no you don't have to have 7 girls but the package price will remain full price

Do you have travel fees?
*all fees are included in package (if further than our 5 mile radius there will be additional fees)

Where do you travel to?
* Chicago area, south suburbs, west suburbs, north suburbs, Indiana, and Joliet

How does the process work?
* set up time is a thirty min/hour before spa time. All divas will wear robes & fur boas . At the end of spa time(the last service rendered) we  will pack up, and all divas will return robes & fur boas.

If guest come late will you still be able to accommodate all guest?
*we may be able but there is no guarantee that we will be able to.  depending on how late & if another party is after yours.

do you do refunds?
*no there are absolutely no refunds.  so please book accordingly.

What happens if I'm late?
*if customer is less than 30 minutes late there is no fee, if more than 30 minutes we can cancel party(and you will not be refunded) or charge a fee no less than $50 (up to our discretion).